Beit Matta, Your Home in the South of Lebanon.

The South of Lebanon is not only coastal cities, olds souks, seaside restaurants, and Mediterranean sunsets. Don’t get me wrong, I love all that, but there’s more to it. After my last escape, I can easily add stunning countryside and beautiful villages to the list. In the mood for a roadtrip together? Let’s start by heading […]

Meet Souk el Tayeb’s Latest Beit

♦ Beit el Tawlet Beit el Tawlet is a completely bewildering find. Where you expect the least, you will be greeted with a fresh burst of jungle, taking you back straight to the 70’s. The shortcut is easy and it’s right in the heart of Mar Mikhael. All you have to do is head to […]

Serene Hike in the Heights of Batroun

Looking for a hiking trail that: Makes a pleasant nature escape without leaving your muscles soar for days? Is quiet and serene, i.e. you would only hear the sound of birds chirping? Has not been invaded, abused, and on everyone’s instagram feed yet? I have the perfect trail for you this fall. Where? In the beautiful region […]

Droub El Khenchara

Although the term “ecotourism” was launched in the 1980s, the concept was applied by villages in Lebanon before that. Like the village of Khenchara Al-Jwar, which used to welcome in the nineteenth century visitors seeking recovery in its mountainous climate and its fresh water renowned for its healing effect. Ecotourism began developing in the village […]

Haush el Bekaa

Al Haush was my latest “guesthouse” discovery in the region of Bekaa. Going back to the origin of the name, here’s what I learnt during my stay: A “haush” is a small village made of mud houses inhabited by people who work in agricultural lands during spring and summer. The Haushs belong to the land’s […]